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Welcome to our website

Firstly, a warm welcome to those who would like to know more about what we can offer.

The themes above are aimed principally at problem solving in the field of packaging, stationery and point of sale display and software offering off the peg solutions, image enhancement and high standards for Film Envelopes, Carrier Bags, Self Adhesive Eurotabs, Moulded Hooks and Hangers, Hanging Bags, Transparent Folders and promotional printed catalogues as well as products for the vital but more mundane problems of stock control lying behind successful market strategies and sales promotion.

Our range of products

We are extending our range to further the above themes for items such as sewn products in Nylon, PVC, Jute and Cotton as well as those made from non-woven textiles.

Throughout, we try to achieve high standards without elaboration within a constraint of minimising costs and giving good service so that the result gives credit to the client's wishes to present his product or service as effectively as possible.

A telephone call to +44 (0)20 7629 3246 will ensure our prompt and courteous attention.

Iridescent film
Fabric bags
Stationery items
Paper Bags
Paper Bags
Garment Covers